The Drifter’s Hamburger Franchise

Drifter's Hamburgers

Our History

Drifter’s Hamburgers was founded in 2008 with a focus on creating a unique fast food hamburger that is unsurpassed in both quality and taste.

Mr. Beaven’s food service background dates back to 1975 where, at the age of 16, he began working at Southern California hamburger restaurants. He started out as a dishwasher and was eventually promoted to clean-up person, prep person, window hop, cashier, cook, shift leader, Assistant Manager, Manager and eventually Director of Operations. Mr. Beaven has held almost every position within the hamburger industry. His participation in the growth of several different drive-thru hamburger concepts ultimately led to the development of his own concept, “Classics Drive-Thru Hamburgers”, where he was President and CEO from 1993 – 2003.

In 2007, Drifter’s Hamburgers was founded on a simple premise – create a unique “California Style” hamburger that is unsurpassed in quality and doesn’t require an expensive design build-out.
Mr. Beaven’s 35 years in the hamburger industry and total focus and dedication to the basics of such an operation has led him to enjoy the position of being one of the most experienced drive-thru hamburger restaurateur’s in franchising today.

Mr. Beaven, and his dedicated and experienced staff, stand ready to help you!

True To Our Roots

We prefer to do a few things well! We don’t give into the temptation of trying to be all things to all people. High quality, cooked-to-order hamburgers, French fries and milkshakes remain the cornerstone of our menu.

Attention To Detail

Our beef is humanely raised without added hormones or antibiotics. We use 100% all natural hamburger buns without added preservatives. Our hamburger dressing is made fresh on location. Our tomatoes and onions are sliced throughout the day to ensure freshness. We hand-leaf our lettuce. Our cheese is top quality. Our fries are cooked to order and served piping hot. Our fresh fruit is just fruit without added preservatives or syrups and our side salads are outstanding. We also have a boysenberry shake that will knock your socks off!


We have an educated and highly dedicated team with over 50 years of experience in hamburger restaurants who are dedicated to helping you be successful.


While we stress the simplicity of our system and menu, we also recognize the need for managers and staff to be highly skilled, to display a sense of urgency, and to have a professional and accommodating demeanor while dealing with the public.
With Drifter’s Hamburgers, you will be trained at one of our restaurants in Colorado Springs and undergo three to four weeks training.

Expansion Plans

The success of hamburger concepts nationwide indicates to us the vast potential of Drifter’s Hamburgers. Our initial franchise growth will be through selling multi-unit (minimum three) territories. We will consider single unit franchisees in certain cases.


Marketing as a term, of course, refers to any impression the public receives of Drifter’s Hamburgers. This includes uniforms, menu, business philosophy, quality of products, even the description and vocabulary used by staff.

Marketing a company that is new to the area is a unique challenge, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’re experts at finding inexpensive and creative ways to market your business. We will help you create the buzz and, of course, be there to help you handle it professionally.

Straight Forward Approach

We are honest and straightforward in our approach and are seeking honest straight forward franchisees.

Become A Drifter’s Hamburger Franchisee

There’s nothing we love more than serving great food, unless of course, it’s finding new partners to help us do just that and that’s where you come in.

If you would like to:

  • Own a franchise with a product that appeals to every demographic from early risers to late nighters and everyone in between
  • Be in on the ground floor of something unique and special

… then we would love to hear from you!


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