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Is Drifter’s Hamburgers Right For Y0u?

Building and maintaining a thriving business that is rewarding both financially and personally takes focus, commitment, and a great work ethic. That said, it’s not for everyone.
Like every successful business, Drifter’s Hamburgers needs sound leaders to represent us as franchisees. We are looking for ambassadors for our brand.


Attention To Detail

  • Drifter’s Hamburgers serves cooked-to-order hamburgers featuring fresh beef without added hormones or antibiotics.
  • Our buns are 100% all natural, made with certified “chemical free” wheat and made without preservatives or GMOs.
  • Our fries are cooked-to-order and served piping hot.
  • Our secret hamburger sauce is made fresh on location.
  • Drifter’s also offers grilled cheese sandwiches, chicken sandwiches, milkshakes, and a breakfast menu featuring the famous “B52” breakfast burrito.

Paradigm Shift

  • No expensive end-cap build-out.
  • No overpriced equipment packages.
  • No feeling like someone is talking down to you.
  • No high franchise and marketing fees.
  • No endless discounts to drive sales.
  • No dollar menu.
  • No endless menu changes and product launches.
  • Yes, you can remodel an existing restaurant.
  • Yes, you will serve a product that appeals to every demographic from early risers to late nighters.
  • Yes, you can own a franchise where you are truly appreciated and supported.
  • Yes, you can take your own bite out of the 65 billion dollar burger segment.

Building Design And Layout

One of the biggest advantages in the development of a Drifter’s hamburgers franchise is the low cost build out options. Drifter’s Hamburgers can adapt our concept to many of the existing quick service restaurant designs. Our goal is to combine high capacity output with as low a start up investment as possible in order to yield a high per square foot volume.
We will be available throughout the design process to help you create the most attractive and cost efficient design possible.
The basic look of Drifter’s Hamburgers building design is consistent with the product offering. Just real food, not faddish or trendy, and reflects an honest and straight forward approach that we feel transcends the building design to the product and the people of our organization.


The National success of concepts within the burger segment indicates to us a vast potential for Drifter’s Hamburgers. Drifter’s Hamburgers has positioned itself for an exciting future – and yes, there is plenty of room for a really good fast food hamburger.

Prime Areas Available

One of the primary benefits of teaming with an emerging brand like Drifter’s Hamburgers is location preference. As an emerging brand, the flexibility and potential of this brand will never be higher.


  • Pre-opening Assistance
  • Training
  • Manuals and Forms
  • Proprietary Recipes
  • Exclusive Territories
  • Business Management Systems
  • Ongoing Support
  • Site Selection Assistance


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